Wednesday, September 28, 2022

CANDID: Brandi and Vikki Answer Questions from Past Clients

We asked a few past clients if they had any questions, they ever wanted to know... DISCLAIMER: We did not know these questions beforehand. Featuring a cameo from our videographer, Randy we answer all your burning questions about the Aiken Homes Team. Enjoy!

Brandi Cook and Vikki Crossland

Meybohm Real Estate

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

SC's New Purple Paint Law-What is it?

What do purple paint and trespassing have in common? Stay with us and learn something NEW.

Purple paint is the new sign for NO Trespassing in South Carolina.


South Carolinians can now mark parts of their property with purple paint in place of no trespassing signs.

·        The markings must be painted to immovable, permanent objects like this tree.

·        The marking must not be more than 100 yards apart and need to be easily visible to anyone approaching the property.

·        The purple line should be at least eight inches long and two inches wide and the bottom of the line should be between three and six feet from the ground.

·        A diagram from SC Forestry Commission is included in video.

So, why purple paint?


From what I read, it’s not a color that is used in the forest industry. So, it wouldn't be easily confused with other paint markings

Beware …Those who cross that purple paint marking illegally could face a $100 fine or up to 30 days in jail. Look before you walk onto property or into those woods if you don’t have permission to enter.


Let’s all help by spreading the word about this new purple paint South Carolina law by sharing this video.


It’s a big decision, we know. We’re here to help!


Brandi Cook and Vikki Crossland

Meybohm Real Estate


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Monday, September 19, 2022

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Buying a Home with Solar Panels, 5 Buyer TIPS- Aiken, SC

First, Brandi nor myself are experts on solar panels but we want to share what a buyer needs to be asking when thinking about a home with solar panels. We understand the value and commitment of many to conserve Earth’s resources and minimize their carbon footprint.


#1 Check if the Solar Panels are financed, leased or owned outright by the seller.

If there the sellers have an outstanding solar loan or lease you need to find out if the seller plans on clearing that loan or buying out of their lease. OR… are they expecting you as the buyer to assume the burden of the loan or lease?

This is key question. Let’s say, as a buyer if you ARE willing to assume the seller’s liability of a solar loan or lease there can be a couple hitches.

1-     It can affect your qualifications for the home mortgage.

2-     Finding a lender to loan on a pending solar loan can be difficult.

3-     Leases are complicated and you need to understand all facets of the lease terms.

Sellers owning the Solar panels free and clear is the easiest and better option as a buyer since it comes with no strings attached.


#2 Maintaining Solar Panels

Consider any additional costs associated with upkeep and add that to your monthly budget when considering your savings. Always ask an expert in the field, not a person trying to sell you solar panels.


#3 Advantages of buying a home with solar panels

Can save you money on electricity bills, provide cleaner air for your family to breathe, and reduce your carbon footprint


#4 Do solar panels affect the resale value?

Having solar panels can increase the value of the property but you really need to compare the financial debt or responsibility you are accepting. Also, each market is different on how they affect value.

If you are in an area that has high rates for electricity or even no utility service, they become invaluable when compared to an area where utility cost is moderate and readily available.


#5 Appraiser Opinion on Solar Panel Value

In our area when asking appraisers, we find the value increase to be minimal compared to the actual cost. Appraisers cannot give any value to leased solar panels.

It’s a big decision, we know. We’re here to help!

Brandi Cook and Vikki Crossland

Meybohm Real Estate


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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Considering Selling Your Home? Give it the "Sniff" Test- Aiken, SC

We all love our PETS.

Considering selling your home?

Consider doing the “SNIFF” test.

Stay tuned for some great tips and see some adoptable pets here at FOTAS

Yes, the good ole Sniff test needs to be done but not by YOU. Recruit a real candid friend for an honest opinion or a trusted REALTOR.


We’re here with Steve Block one of our licensed team members who has a vast amount of past experience and knowledge in the Pet industry. Steve has some valuable tips even if not selling a home. Yes, we do love our 4-legged family members, but when it comes to unwanted smells in our house, our 4-legged kids are usually the culprit.

Let’s start with our Feline Friends which can be a tricky odor to get rid of.

I have 4 tips for help with cat odors.

  1. It is all about litter boxes.  Keeping litter boxes scooped daily and then completely cleaned and refreshed with new litter weekly is a great plan.
  2. The BEST litter boxes out there for controlling odors are auto scoop boxes.  They automatically scoop when used and keep the box fresh.
  3.  TYPE of litter box, what material it made from
  4.  Best litter and truly helps the “smell” to use premium clumping litter.  The clumps seal in the odor and keep the ammonia smell at a minimum.

Steve’s has 5 helpful tips for fido

  1. Wash your pet
  2. Do not forget to wash their collars and harnesses; they can get a funky smell too.
  3. Thoroughly clean all their bedding or any areas they lay on.
  4. Use refreshening sprays and deodorizers between washings reduces lingering odors.
  5. For potty accident clean up.  The biggest mistake people make is not cleaning spots up correctly.  Use a product that has enzymes designed for eliminating stains and odors is the key.


Steve, can you share some brands that worked for you? Brands like Nature’s Miracle, Simple Solutions, and Angry Orange are a few of many good choices out there.  Following the label instructions to the letter is a must, otherwise the products won’t work and will cause you frustrations.

 Is it true Most brands have options for both dog and cat options? Yes


We saved the best for last to show off some “adoptable dogs and cats”. 

Here is Kathy Jacobs who will introduce a couple furry friends.

Furry family always bring extras love and happiness into a home.

 Hope you enjoyed hearing these simple steps to keep your home smelling fresh and that will benefit your home selling journey.

It’s a BIG decision, we know! We’re here to help!

Brandi Cook and Vikki Crossland

Meybohm Real Estate


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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Fall Brings Fun & Free Events for Family & Kids, Aiken, SC

Aiken is always offering lots of fun activities geared towards kids year-round. This fall is no exception. Here are Four FREE activities for kids sponsored by the City of Aiken and community partners.


Be sure to watch to the end of this video for the “secret scavenger hunt” you will only know if watch this video and be sure to share with your friends.

#1 Story Time in Hope Gardens

This is one of our favorites, it’s held every Tuesday at 4:00 PM during September & October on the lawn of Rye Patch. There are reading adventures every Tuesday. Each family in attendance receives a free book to take home to help build their library.

We are excited to announce a special Halloween Story Time on Monday, October 31st at 4:00 PM we will be sponsoring. Do not miss out on your treats!

#2 Touch-A-Truck on Saturday, October 1st , Odell Weeks

9:00 AM-1:00 PM. Check out fun vehicles such as bulldozers & police cars.

If you get hungry there will also be food trucks to purchase food from PLUS Bounce houses and a train.

#3 Nature Rocks in Hopelands Gardens on Sunday, October 16th

Held 2:00-5:00 PM. This is a joint event presented by the City of Aiken Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department and the Friends of Hopelands & Rye Patch.

Enjoy a fun and educational day of nature, crafts, music, scavenger hunts and demonstrations by organizations such as the Ruth Patrick Education Science Center and more.

#4 Trunk or Treat, Saturday, October 29th, 1060 Banks Mill Road, Aiken, SC

Be there 3:00- 6:00 PM. Join the Trick-or-Treating festivities including trunks full of treats, carnival games, food trucks and a DJ to spin some spooky tunes.

Now for the

Secret scavenger HUNT

For some extra FALL Fun, Aiken HOMES Team will be hiding 4 rocks. The rocks will be hidden in Hopelands Garden, Rye Patch, Odell Weeks or Citizens Park in Aiken, SC.

If you are the very first person to find them, call or text the number on the rock with picture plus the special code for a surprise gift.


This is for the month of September and October, 2022 only.


Considering buying or selling a home in the area; let us help you, we love our community and have generations of experience to get you the results you deserve.


Brandi Cook and Vikki Crossland

Meybohm Real Estate


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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Ten Easy-to-Avoid Mistakes When Buying a Home

#1 Not knowing your credit score. Buyers with better credit scores get better mortgage rates.


#2 Looking at homes before being pre-approved for a loan. You need to meet or talk with a lender first to understand the process and know what you can AFFORD. You may need to talk to couple to find the right loan officer that will take the time to explain the process.


#3 Spending all your savings to buy a home.  Keep yourself an cushion “emergency fund” for un expected costs personally or due to homeownership.


#4 Know your Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions, we also call these CC&Rs and to also know if there is an HOA and a fee.


#5 Not researching the neighborhood or area.  Make sure you are satisfied with location to amenities, schools, crime, driving time to work or any other item else that is important to you.


#6 Waiving the rights to all inspections.  It makes your offer more attractive to the seller but if a major repair would devastate your finances, it may not be worth it for you.


#7 Signing and not reading documents. Completely read and understand what you are signing. Contracts are a commitment, don’t get excited, be in a hurry and take 30 minutes to review and read.


#8 Not asking questions, it’s important to understand all facets of the home buying process, agency and home buying contracts. 


#9 Setting realistic housing goals and expectations.


#10 Not working with an experienced real estate professional that will represent your best interests.

Do your research and choose your buyer’s agent carefully who will go to work to achieve your real estate goals.


It’s a big decision, we know

We’re here to help.


Brandi Cook and Vikki Crossland

Meybohm Real Estate

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